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Why You Should Move Your ERP to The Cloud?

According to a report by the Cloud Security Alliance, today, about 70 percent of enterprise organizations are migrating data for ERP applications to the cloud. The migration of critical business applications is happening right now for several reasons.  There are several reasons why moving ERP to the cloud is a smart decision. Below are the […]

How To Make The Best Use Of Your ERP Software Microsoft Dynamics / SAP B1

One organization and endless tasks. Inventory and supply chain management, human resources management, accounting, billing, sales management, business intelligence, production line management, customer services, financial management, corporate performance and governance and so many other departments can be managed easily with just one ERP hands.    ERP holds a lot of potential of solving your data-hassle. […]

AI and ML – Its Impact on ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has come a long way since the 1990s. It witnessed a significant change when the companies were able to introduce ERP with real-time features. The data that was entered into the system would automatically update the database and the reports that were produced to provide key business metrics.                                                                                                                      ERP manages […]