How To Make The Best Use Of Your ERP Software Microsoft Dynamics / SAP B1

One organization and endless tasks. Inventory and supply chain management, human resources management, accounting, billing, sales management, business intelligence, production line management, customer services, financial management, corporate performance and governance and so many other departments can be managed easily with just one ERP hands. 


ERP holds a lot of potential of solving your data-hassle. And with such a big potential, we hardly ever make the best use of it. Hence, the following tips and advice can help you improve your return on your ERP investment. 



Setting a goal will help you get your ERP software customised with 

Clearly define the goal of having an accounting or ERP solution to ensure the business gets the most out of the investment. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What do we want to achieve by having an accounting/ERP solution?
  • What are our business goals?
  • Which departments ask for more focus?
  • What issues can be solved by implementing an accounting/ERP solution?


Once these processes are defined and objectives of the business, you will be able to decide the reports and dashboards required to attain the objectives.



ERP standardization can be your most trusted ally in boosting your business performance. Making every process and function and their standardization with ERP will help you make the most out of your ERP software solution.  


TRAINING, TRAINING, TRAINING Training is the most important aspect of ERP software. With the right instructors, organizations should make sure everyone gets trained. 

Training ensures there are fewer hindrances in the implementation process. The end-users of the software need to be included in the process as early as possible. If the end-users do not use the system correctly, the whole purpose of an ERP is defeated. The users should be trained department or module wise. Change for any person is hard therefore it should be kept in mind that training should be simple and easy at the beginning. A big bang approach may demoralize the users and jeopardize the adoption.


MindQuad offers you a nominal cost ERP audit that will help you know your ERP better. It either helps you decide whether to upgrade your ERP software solution or in determining which areas can be more optimised to make the best use of your existing ERP system. 


Review Reports and Dashboard

Once the complete workflow is reviewed, the reports and dashboards need to be checked to see if anything has been missed out.

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