Why You Should Move Your ERP to The Cloud?

According to a report by the Cloud Security Alliance, today, about 70 percent of enterprise organizations are migrating data for ERP applications to the cloud. The migration of critical business applications is happening right now for several reasons. 

There are several reasons why moving ERP to the cloud is a smart decision. Below are the reasons why you should move your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to the cloud. 

Remote Access 

Cloud-based ERP platforms are accessible to employees even in remote locations with the same ease as on-site staff. There is no VPN or slow remote portal technologies to slow the process down. So, the staff can also benefit from having access to apps and updates as soon as they connect. 

Cloud-based ERP is designed for today’s modern employees, allowing them to work comfortably from anywhere. The platform has mobile functionality and user interfaces specifically designed for smartphones and mobile devices. 

This also gives companies the benefit of saving money. Cloud gives universal access that is not limited by budget. Hence, the staff can access the cloud ERP from their personal devices or from shared company devices with ease, eliminating the need for the company to invest in special equipment or limit the number of users in the system due to budget.  

Heightened Security 

Cloud-based ERPs are quite progressive when it comes to security. Cybersecurity measures are centralized and flexible for stratified permissions controls. 

To avoid the misuse of data, the cloud offers secure gateways for remote access, on-site archival of sensitive data, and document management systems that prevent the download of sensitive data.

Security measures prevent data loss and ensure proper authentication of user access to the system as a whole. With reduced costs and increased flexibility and security, the cloud offers more advanced capabilities than other ERP formats.  

Small Initial Investment

Cloud-based ERP systems have a low implementation cost as opposed to the traditional, hosted model. Here, the services are provided on a subscription, pay-as-you-go basis which results in a great reduction in the initial capital costs of investing in an ERP system. 

There is no hardware setup, meaning the program can hit the ground running without the business experiencing system downtime. Since the server maintenance is eliminated, the IT department is also alleviated of a task. Cloud ERPs run on a flat-rate monthly fee with immediately operational software, hence, eliminating initial balloon investment.   

Business Intelligence (BI) Capabilities

As cloud-based ERPs easily integrate with other operations that make the business run smoothly making them innovative. Business Intelligence programs can connect with the organized data storage and user activity records available through an ERP making it simpler to extract data. 

The built-in analytics features allow the administrators and board members to do information drilldowns for critical decisions. They can also bring up real-time graphics and reports during a board meeting. All information is provided in real-time without needing to wait on periodic system updates.

The level of access to data is higher, Business Intelligence capabilities are transparent, and the accuracy of cloud-based ERPs is therefore higher in comparison to traditional programs.

Compelling Cloud Economics 

The economics of moving from capital to operational expenditure is compelling.  

Some other hidden benefits include not being as capital intensive, better and more instant scalability, and reduced deployment times.

Today’s ERP solutions are not just software. They are tools that can be used to help grow your business profitably, offering flexible solutions that provide more accurate information in real-time, driving smarter, faster decision-making, and enabling customers to quickly meet changing market demands to stay ahead of their competition. The cloud increases the business benefits that ERP offers and can accompany your business on the road to the successful growth.

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