Dynamics 365 for Sales

Sales and Services Suite on Cloud

Sales and Services Suite on Cloud

Manage customer relationships, close deals, and boost sales revenue all with Dynamics for Sales. It makes the buying experience smooth for the buyers by taking them to digital platforms, fortifies customer experiences across numerous platforms, reduces seller’s burden and boosts productivity, and helps you make faster and more informed decisions with real-time insights and extensible and scalable solutions.

Hence now you can boost your sales and revenue with Dynamics for Sales.

Microsoft Dynamics For Sales

Dynamics 365 for Sales is featured to manage the sales process from lead generation to lead closer to sale. In another word, it is called Dynamics 365 CRM. It has to track the follow-up of customers via e-mails, calls, meetings, and appointments. There are various features to qualifying leads.

With Sales capabilities now you can shift to digital experiences and get instant feedback, connect across channels, know your customers, and maximize productivity. It also helps you find new buyers and keep track of them, identify customers who require attention, prioritize daily activities, automate sales and marketing processes, adapt to AI, and tailor processes based on best practices.

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Features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales 

    • Lead & Prospect Tracking
    • Manage opportunities 
    • Business process automation
    • Account and Contact Management
    • Manage Activity
    • Competitors
    • Project Quotation
    • Dashboard and Analytics
    • Mobile Access