All About ERP For The Ceramics Industry

Every industry is different. Each of them requires data organization and solutions that keep the management running smoothly. And Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is an ideal tool for that. Every industry requires an ERP solution that understands its requirements. Talking about Ceramic Industries, it would be a great challenge for them to operate without an ERP. 

The ceramic industry faces a lot of challenges – from the procurement of the raw materials from the miners or the vendors to delivering the final output. Ceramics have made their way into our lives in the way of utensils, tooth implants, tiles, sanitary ware, insulators, artwork, etc.  

However, the current era being dependent and influenced by digital advancements has always forced the industries to stay with the buzzing trend known as ‘Automation’. ERP for the Ceramic industry is designed to ease predictions on the consumer wish list and their needs. With such a large market to deal with, we have a supporting workforce that handles all the transactions and movements. 

We have a ceramic-specific ERP which is a powerful management system to take strict control of business activities. ERP solutions for ceramic industries must be both highly organized and rigorous to keep all the business activities in check. There are a lot of daily operations that take place in the ceramic industry – from production and transportation, purchasing and stocking, sales and inventory management to budget and quality management, there are data from every industrial process.

MindQuad Solutions holds the reputation of continuously facilitating Ceramic Manufacturing industries in their necessary business procedures. It simply brings all information and processes involved under one roof thereby, letting the users access the resource irrespective of the fact where it was created.

ERP Features for Ceramic Industry

  • Marketing & Sales Management Depot Sale Management
  • Management of customers category wise, zone wise, region wise up to district level.
  • Customer Wise and customer category-wise pricing and discounting structure.
  • Link customers with your sales hierarchy to geographical hierarchy.
  • Set credit limit and payment terms.
  • Single customer for multiple shipping addresses.
  • Sales order approval workflow for pricing, discounts.
  • Depot wise Ageing Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Separate inventory for manufactured as well as outsourced items.
  • Create up to five levels of hierarchies including tile type, tile size, tile category, tile series, and tile finish. 
  • Manage single item for all grades i.e. premium, standard, commercial, economic or create a separate item for all.
  • Manage sales pricing series-wise, grade-wise, zone, and region-wise.
  • Available tool for updating MRP as per requirement.
  • Inventory tracking inbox, square feet, and square meters.
  • Procurement Management
  • Packaging and Transportation Management
  • Production Management
  • Standard Production BOM (Recipe) and routine (process) for every design.
  • MRP (Material Requirement Planning) & MPS (Master Production Schedule) to define production demand & raw material supply.
  • Get tentative production dates for better commitment to sales.
  • Outsourcing journal & outsourcing production order to manage production schedule or outsourcing production order.
  • Finance Management
  • Chart of account with grouping already used in the Ceramic industry.
  • Bank & cash management, Auto bank reconciliation & import bank statement.
  • Export bank payment to upload it to bank portal
  • Fixed asset management, auto calculation of depreciation.
  • Soft/hard closure of financial year, soft/hard closure of inventory period.
  • Cash Flow Management.
  • Profit & Loss Statement, Balance sheet statement.
  • Quality Control Management
  • Machine & Plant Maintenance
  • Security Gate Management
  • ISO Required Report Generation
  • Auto-EMail, SMS & Task Management

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