Key Benefits of ERP for Pharma Manufacturing

The Pharmaceutical industry in India has been witnessing phenomenal growth in recent years driven by the rising demand levels in the country and strong demand from export markets. The constantly changing market conditions and legal environment such as cost cuts in the health care sector – force pharmaceutical companies to be able to react quickly and flexibly to change in order to stay competitive. Today, the unsaid rule for any industry is that the faster the demands of the market change, the more flexible a company’s business processes need to be.

To maintain all the processes and the data from one system, Pharma companies require a robust and scalable ERP for the Pharmaceutical Industry. ERP for Pharmaceutical Industry is a flexible & the most powerful business management process offered by MindQuad Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Pharmaceutical Solution Functional Coverage – 

  • Complex & Multi-Level Formula & Recipe Tracking
  • Equipment and Laboratory Management
  • BMR Creation and cGMP Compliances
  • Comprehensive Quality Parameters Management
  • Inventory Management with Make to OrderStock Scenario
  • Yield and Waste Management
  • Batch Scheduling and Planning as per Packing Sizes
  • Accurate Product Costing
  • Financial Management with Costing and Budgeting

ERP Features for Pharmaceutical Industry – 

  • Integration with Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)
  • Advanced Quality Control and Quality Assurance (QC/QA)
  • Pre-production analysis using MRP leading to better delivery schedulers
  • Shift-level MRP & Re-ordering
  • Shelf Life Expiry Management
  • Batch wise product costing & profitability
  • Vendor Sampling Order
  • Customer Order Booking Process with Material specification
  • Customer Order authorized by R&D and Lab team
  • LAB design the BPCR (Batch Processing Control Record)
  • Creation of BPCR defining the standard size of Input and Output and Process Masters.
  • BPCR releasing to the production team for execution
  • Capturing the deviation during the production
  • QC order generation for Output recorded by the Production team
  • Material Picking from Shopfloor
  • Material Return Management
  • Export-Import Management System (EXIM)
  • Capable of addressing various Regulatory Compliances like cGMP, cGLP, Q7A, FDA
  • Multi-Level BOM & Yield Management
  • MRP/MPS Planning
  • R&D Items and Production Linking with Regular Production
  • QC Items Specification & Inspection Data Sheet
  • Sampling Plan & Calibration Plan
  • QC Label Printing for Accepted, Rejected, Hold Material
  • LOT/Batch Number Generation
  • Production Rejection, Scrap, and Costing Analysis
  • Export & Import Order Management
  • Advance License Tracking and Management
  • Export Documentation
  • Material Potency management
  • BPCS as per Material Potency
  • Packing Orders for Tablets and Capsules
  • Stability QC Module

Pharmaceutical Industry-Specific Reports:

  • Yield Analysis Reports
  • Laboratory Equipment Maintenance Reports
  • Product-wise Ageing and Expiry Tracking
  • Traceability Reports from RM receipt to Dispatch
  • Pre-Process, In-Process, Post Process, and Inventory QC Reports as per cGMP
  • Customer and Vendor Ageing Reports

Why ERP for Pharmaceutical Industry?

  • Compliance
  • Quality Tracking and Management
  • Distribution and Supply Chain
  • Vendor Management Inventory Management
  • Realtime Access to Key Data
  • Accounting

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